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Working with Images

Here i will demonstrate you some of the basic but very important image processing functions..

 [I,map]=imread('trees.tif'); % read a TIFF image

I2=ind2gray(I,map); % convert it to grayscale

imagesc(I2,[0 1]) % scale data to use full colormap  for values between 0 and 1
colormap('gray') % use gray colormap
axis('image') % make displayed aspect ratio proportional to image dimensions
I=imread('photo.jpg'); % read a JPEG image into 3D %array
rect=getrect ; % select rectangle
I2=imcrop(I,rect); % crop
I2=rgb2gray(I2); % convert cropped image to grayscale
imagesc(I2) % scale data to use full colormap
% between min and max values in I2
colorbar % turn on color bar
pixval % display pixel values interactively
truesize % display at resolution of one screen pixel per image pixel
truesize(2*size(I2)) % display at resolution of two screen pixels per image pixel

I3=imresize(I2,0.5,'bil'); % resize by 50% using bilinear interpolation
I3=imrotate(I2,45,'bil','same'); % rotate 45 degrees and crop to original size
I3=double(I2); % convert from uint8 to double, to allow math operations
imagesc(I3.^2) % display squared image (pixel-wise)
imagesc(log(I3)) % display log of image



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